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Insight - Capture the Flag: Rebels & Rainbows
July 2, 2015
The White House turned into a rainbow as the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide, bypassing state sovereignty. While the country is wooed with rainbow magic, have they now forgiven the government of their many trespasses? How concerned are they about human rights, while removing the Confederate flag in the south? Tearing down one symbol and lifting up another is not about tolerance and love, it's about hate. It's not about equality, it's about revenge. This is a campaign of hate, cloaked in rainbows.


Motivated By "Racewar" and Charleston Shooting: Virginia Reporter, Photographer Shot and Killed Live on Air
Flanagan, a former WDBJ reporter, killed two of the Roanoke TV station's employees, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, live on air Read more » 

  • Alleged Gunman’s Manifesto: I Was Attacked For Being A Gay, Black Man
  • Transit System Puts up New High Tech Surveillance Cameras That Can Tell if You’re Drunk
  • Syrian comedian – “Don’t come to Sweden”
  • Former Gordon Brown Adviser Tweets Advice for Coming Collapse
  • Tennessee School District Bans Flags on Trucks - Even the American Flag
  • Cross-dressing teens cause stir at Swedish high school
  • ISIS Using Remote-Controlled Toy Cars for Launching Bomb Attacks
  • POLL: Only 31% of African-Americans Identify with 'Black Lives Matter'
  • ‘This is Orwellian': Politician Reacts to Hearing His Hacked Phone Conversation
  • Mom Upset that Child's School Promotes Abstinence
  • Iranian Official: We “Reject the Existence of Any Israeli on This Earth”
  • Yep, Shaun King is Definitely White, Says Family
  • Marijuana Kills Cancer, Says National Cancer Institute
  • Doctors discover 40-year-old twin growing inside woman's body
  • Mandela grandson charged with rape
  • Hacker Begins Exposing US Government and Military Employees Who Used Ashley Madison to Cheat
  • 46 States Saw Young White Population Decline
  • August 9, 1945: USSR Declares war on Japan just before Nagasaki Bomb
  • Interesting Crop Circle in England - a Sunwheel (Kolovrat)
  • Donate to help protect Europe’s borders
  • White House Pushes Race War, Then Blames Guns For Flanagan's "Race War"
    2015-08-27 5:04
    "You want a race war (expletive)?" Asked shooter The Obama administration is blaming guns for the WBDJ-TV shooting, even though the shooter, Vester Flanagan, was influenced by the White House’s race baiting. The White House has been falsely insinuating that racism is the dominant factor behind numerous events over the past several years, even those that didn’t involve race at all, and ...
    How Google Destroyed the Internet
    2015-08-27 5:12
    The internet was created to resolve a simple problem: in communications networks, any central node through which all messages passed was vulnerable to attack or takeover. To counter this, engineers designed a network where any node would pass messages to other nodes, routing around any damage. Then came commerce and the democratization of the internet. Under this model, frightened sheep flock to ...
    German government opens borders to all Syrians
    2015-08-27 4:00
    The German government has flung open Germany’s borders to any and all Syrians, regardless of whether they claim to be asylum seekers. A statement from the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees said that “Germany will become the member state responsible for processing their claims.” This new diktat means Syrians will no longer have their asylum cases reviewed to see if ...
    Left Pushes End of Church Tax Exemptions
    2015-08-27 2:51
    Emboldened by their latest win in the Supreme Court over same-sex "marriage," the left has been trumpeting the cause tax exemptions for religious institutions at a much faster rate, setting the stage for it to become a national agenda.   Immediately following the Supreme Court decision that declared same-sex marriage legal, Time's Mark Oppenheimer openly declared that churches should be stripped of their ...
    Meet America’s First School District to Serve 100% Organic Meals
    2015-08-27 2:05
    When schools in California’s Sausalito Marin City District return to session this August, they will be the first in the nation to serve their students 100 percent organic meals, sustainably sourced and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). More than 500 students at Bayside MLK Jr. Academy in Marin City and Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito will eat fresh, local food ...
    Policeman shot, 2 others stabbed in LA mini-mart standoff
    2015-08-27 0:59
    A Louisiana police officer has been shot and another two people were stabbed near a convenience store in the town of Sunset. After a standoff with police ensued, the suspected gunman was taken into custody alive, local media reported. The gunman barricaded himself inside of the convenience store, according to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, and police used megaphones and ...
    First State Legalizes Taser Drones for Cops
    2015-08-26 23:49
    North Dakota police will be free to fire ‘less than lethal’ weapons from the air thanks to the influence of Big Drone. It is now legal for law enforcement in North Dakota to fly drones armed with everything from Tasers to tear gas thanks to a last-minute push by a pro-police lobbyist. With all the concern over the militarization of police in ...
    Virgina Killer Sent "Suicide Note" To ABC, Says Massacre Is "Race War" In Reaction To Charleston Shooting
    2015-08-26 22:15
    In the aftermath of today's latest tragic shooting of two Virginia reporters which was both caught live on tape the deceased cameraman's tape, and in a video clip uploaded by the alleged shooter who has since also passed away, the question asked by everyone is why did what he did. We now have the answer.  According to ABC, a man claiming ...
    Parents upset after kids will skip classes to watch gay parenting film
    2015-08-26 1:24
    As part of Wear it Purple day, all 1200 students at Burwood Girls High School, in Sydney's inner west, will be required to watch a special screening of Gayby Baby during third and fourth periods this Friday, The Daily Telegraph reported. After the movie, the girls are encouraged to show off their purple outfits at a fashion parade under a rainbow ...
    Aborted Fetal Cells In Products And Vaccines
    2015-08-26 1:39
    With all the uproar—and rightfully so—about Planned Parenthood and fetal parts sales and delivery recently, there is something consumers may want to know how aborted fetal cells directly impact everyone’s daily lives! What? You may be asking. The straight up answer is: Consumers are purchasing products from companies that use fetal ‘parts’ in some way, including research, for products you ...
    Anti-Whites upset by stagnation of mixed-race couples in Canada
    2015-08-25 22:18
    The Vancouver Sun has written an article about how mixed-race couples are stagnating in Canada, with very little increase. “Ethnically mixed couples — involving whites, blacks, Japanese, Hispanics, Chinese, South Asians or others — were heralded not long ago as the wave of a tolerant, open, non-racist future.” wrote the Vancouver Sun. “But three cultural trends are shaking up this utopian dream, ...
    Genocide by the Numbers: a Dark Future for Children in the US
    2015-08-25 21:01
    Most people think that White people will be a minority in America in 3 decades or so, as this is what official census data predicts, but Joe Biden thinks it will only be a few years from now. Ladies and gentlemen, in 2017, the United States for the first time, Caucasians of European descent like me will be in an absolute ...
    Instead of Releasing Dashcam, Cops Hire PR Firm to Help Cover Up Murder of Unarmed White Teen
    2015-08-25 19:20
    Seneca city officials have recently hired a PR firm to handle public inquiries regarding the shooting. A former police captain recently signed an affidavit affirming that several formal reprimands are missing from the personnel file of the officer who killed a 19-year-old during a marijuana bust. Although the police chief claims that no disciplinary actions have been taken against the officer, ...
    Migrants shut down traffic in Milan to protest living conditions
    2015-08-25 18:31
    Hundreds of migrants clashed with police in the Italian city of Milan after blocking a major road in protest of poor living conditions at a Red Cross refugee center and their inability to get work permits. About 300 protesters made their way along an avenue connecting Milan to Sesto San Giovanni and briefly blocked traffic, while holding up pieces of cardboard ...
    UK petition to arrest Netanyahu for Gaza war crimes reaches over 80,000 signatures
    2015-08-25 18:57
    A petition calling on the UK government to arrest Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes in Gaza when he arrives in London has garnered more than 80,000 signatures. But David Cameron’s government says no way: Netanyahu has diplomatic immunity. The petition, posted on the UK government’s website, has already been signed by some 81,000 Brits. Its initiator, Damian Moran, claims ...
    The Airport Spiking Food with 'happy hormones'
    2015-08-25 3:06
    London’s Gatwick Airport wants to help take the pain out of travel, and has a remedy in the form of 'happy meals' rich in mood-enhancing hormones. Restaurants at the airport have updated their menus to include dishes designed to put travelers in a better mood. Frankie and Benny’s, for example, has added a salmon citrus salad that promises to improve brain ...
    Transhumanist presidential candidate proposes microchipping citizens' brains to establish authoritarian control over humans
    2015-08-25 2:02
    Transhumanist presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan proposed that behavior-correcting brain implants could be used as a substitute for capital punishment, according to a recent article published in Motherboard. Istvan argues that violent behavior is a mental disorder that requires outside assistance, in the same way a heart with an irregular beat requires a pacemaker. According to this reasoning, prisoners should not be ...
    3,000 Migrants Rescued off Italy in Single Day, Tensions Rise
    2015-08-24 22:43
    Italy’s coastguard on Saturday successfully coordinated the rescue of around 3000 migrants in the Mediterranean after receiving distress calls from more than 20 overcrowded vessels drifting in waters off Libya. One of the biggest single-day rescue operations to date appeared to have been concluded without any reports of casualties. Two navy ships, the Cigala Fulgosi and the Vega, picked up, respectively, 507 ...
    Shattering New Evidence Reveals: Obama Spent $500,000,000 to Train a Jihadi Elite Force Which Now Partners In Christian Massacres
    2015-08-24 21:03
    Obama’s $500 million plan to combat Bashar Al-Assad and ISIS forces in Syria created an elite force called “Regiment-30.” While Fox News revealed the program only gained 54 applicants, new evidence reveals that there were “thousands of outside forces” who joined Regiment-30, who are now also joining Al-Nusra terror front in Syria. The U.S-appointed Regiment-30’s main leader, as ironclad evidence ...
    Greek President to Propose Golden Dawn to Form Government
    2015-08-24 21:51
    A Greek lawmaker told Sputnik that Golden Dawn party will be given a mandate to form the government. The third party to be granted a mandate to form a new Greek government will be the Golden Dawn, MP from the New Democracy Party, says Makis Voridis. "The third party to receive a proposal to create a government will be the Golden Dawn," Voridis who is a former ...
    Researchers Find Horse Meat and Other Undeclared Species in Products Labeled Ground Beef
    2015-08-24 21:27
    Most people don’t give much thought into what is in a package of ground beef, but two shocking new studies conducted by Chapman University researchers show that what the labels on meat products say and what consumers actually consume are sometimes very different things. One study focused on identification of species found in ground meat products, while the other zeroed in ...
    Sweden Democrats now the most popular political party
    2015-08-24 20:03
    Someone should check the weather forecast, has hell frozen over? Because the Swedish are finally waking up! For the first time ever, the Sweden Democrats, a party which is somewhat against anti-White policies like “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, has become the most popular political party amongst voters. Statistics collector, EurActiv says the latest figures show that the Sweden Democrats would receive 25.2% of ...
    Finnish politician declares war on 'multiculturalism', but Prime Minister wants an 'international country'
    2015-08-24 20:25
    Olli Immonen, a Finnish member of parliament and a Finns Party politician, said he would “fight [multiculturalism] until the end for our homeland.” Posting on Facebook, Immonen said he was “dreaming of a strong, brave nation that will defeat this nightmare called multiculturalism. This ugly bubble that our enemies live in, will soon enough burst into a million little pieces.” “Our lives ...
    Stock Market Collapse: Keynesians May Argue for War
    2015-08-24 20:43
    Paul Krugman and others believe destruction and mass murder good for economy Now that the stock market has signaled the start of a collapse, portending future crises and miring further the so-called recovery, we can expect to hear an old call. A big war can get us out of this. As absurd as this may sound, it is a favorite solution offered by Keynesian ...
    German protesters clash with police at new migrant shelter
    2015-08-24 20:50
    Protesters gathered to demonstrate against the arrival of migrants at a newly opened shelter in eastern Germany have clashed violently with police in a sign of growing tension over the record influx of asylum seekers expected this year. The two consecutive nights of violence over the weekend came at the end of a week in which the interior minister, Thomas de ...
    One murder every hour: how El Salvador became the homicide capital of the world
    2015-08-24 19:29
    On the deadliest day of the century in the world’s most homicidal country, a gang leader and convicted murderer sits quietly in a vegetable farm ruing what he calls a disappearing opportunity for peace. Marvin is a senior figure in the Mara Salvatrucha, one of El Salvador’s two biggest gangs. They have been at war with each other for two decades ...
    United States Just Passed up Old Soviet Union Gulags For Largest Prison System
    2015-08-22 0:32
    For decades, the Soviet Gulags under Joseph Stalin had been considered some of the worst prisons in all of history. But now things have changed. The United States has far exceeded the horrific tolls of the gulags. In the Soviet example, there were more than 18 million victims during the gulags’ use over four decades. Around a million people died in the gulags over the ...
    Kissinger: 'Breaking Russia has become objective for US'
    2015-08-22 0:54
    Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has hit out at American and European Ukraine policy, saying it ignores Russia’s relationship with its neighbor, and has called for cooperation between the White House and the Kremlin on the issue. “Breaking Russia has become an objective [for US officials] the long-range purpose should be to integrate it,” the 92-year-old told The National ...
    Jared Fogle, ex-Subway pitchman, paid kids for sex on New York trips, prosecutor says
    2015-08-21 23:55
    Longtime Subway pitchman Jared Fogle capitalized on his business trips to New York City to arrange sexual encounters with minors in luxury hotels, federal prosecutors said in charging the Indiana man in a case that also documented his acceptance of child pornography from a close associate. Fogle agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to allegations that he paid for sex with girls ...
    Flawless Victory For David Duke On Alex Jones Show
    2015-08-21 19:51
    David Duke’s appearance on the Alex Jones show was an incredibly important moment for pro-White and pro-European causes. This is a significant milestone because many people including myself came down this road by researching conspiracies. Whenever people begin investigating conspiracies surrounding events like the 9/11 attacks and others, it is easy to come across material relating to Alex ...
    U.S. Sheriffs fed up as 25 Americans are killed each day by illegal immigrants
    2015-08-21 19:55
    Data from U.S. Sheriff’s offices revealing the startling fact that about 25 Americans are killed each day by illegal immigrants, has forced the concern that President Barack Obama’s biggest political enemy many not be the upcoming Republican Senate and House after all. Millions of U.S. citizens, disenchanted with federal government’s broken promises and lack of will to defend the Constitution, are ...
    Macedonia Deploys Military to Deal with Invading Migrants
    2015-08-21 2:45
    The third world invasion of Europe is starting to become a big enough problem where we are now seeing military involvement.  Macedonia has declared a state of emergency and announced that it would deploy the military to restore order along its border with Greece and Serbia. .. From New York Times: Europe’s migration crisis took on new dimensions Thursday as at least three countries ...
    Poll: 85% of Greeks Believe the Jews Have Too Much Power Over Global Finance
    2015-08-21 1:28
    A new poll by the Anti-Defamation League found that the majority of Greeks continue to hold anti-Semitic views about Jewish control over finance and the global economy, despite a recent drop in anti-Jewish attitudes in other parts of Europe. Greece—which faces the prospect of economic default at midnight on Wednesday—surpasses Iran and trails just slightly behind Turkey in the percentage of its residents ...
    Man paralyzed by vaccine tells story of Senator Pan's corruption; former Merck salesman reveals his kids are unvaccinated
    2015-08-21 1:32
    Americans who dare to oppose mandatory vaccination for any reason, including that they don't believe that all vaccines are safe, are often ridiculed, marginalized and minimized by Big Pharma vaccine pushers and the mainstream medical community. One of the things that they most often insist on is that "vaccines are safe" and that there is no reason to fear being ...
    The Identity Explosion
    2015-08-20 23:00
    Just when you thought Rachel Dolezal’s 15-minute freak show was over, Shaun King, a prominent #BlackLiveMatter activist, has raised the specter of White people impersonating Black people at the highest levels of SWJ. It’s easy to view the Dolezal and King stories as merely opportunities forSchadenfreude: the hypocrisy of the Left is laid bare—as well as the shameless mendacity and ruthlessness of some ...
    Oslo, Norway, is facing White genocide, as schools become less White
    2015-08-20 22:15
    Statistics show that Oslo’s school population is becoming increasingly non-White, as the city is being made more “diverse”, and less Norwegian. According to the statistics, over one third of Oslo’s schools are minority Norwegian, and shockingly, there are 7 schools where Norwegians make up less than 10% of school children. All schools have at least some students from an immigrant background, but depending on the district of Oslo, ...
    From the Right, a New Slur for G.O.P. Candidates
    2015-08-20 21:11
    As Republican presidential candidates offered careful answers to questions about education, immigration and foreign policy at last week’s debate, streams of tweets panned their responses as too soft or disingenuous. Senator Marco Rubio is beholden to corporate interests, one said. Former Gov. Jeb Bush is weak on immigration, crowed another. Many of them were adorned with a cryptic hashtag bearing ...
    Japan's PM feels no need to keep apologizing for role in WWII
    2015-08-20 1:18
    On Friday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed grief and remorse for his country’s role in World War II and the millions of lives that were lost. In a speech marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the war, Abe said that Japan must continue to resolve never to use force to settle international conflicts again. He also went on ...
    EU 'wiping out' original population in favor of migrants
    2015-08-20 1:52
    The EU is deliberately bringing in as much immigration into Europe as possible in an effort to 'divide and conquer' the original inhabitants of Europe, political commentator David Noakes told RT. Belgium has also joined the ranks of countries plagued by scandals over the EU immigration crisis. The country's junior minister for immigration has been under fire for a controversial comment ...
    Liberals worry too many white people in ballet audiences
    2015-08-19 22:26
    When you and I go to the ballet, we focus on the young, athletic, undoubtedly 100% heterosexual men in tight tights prancing on tippy-toes and leaping across the stage.  But when liberals go to the ballet, they are too distracted to watch what's happening on the stage, instead looking at the audience and thinking, "Oh, my God, why are there ...
    Has Black Lives Matter's Shaun King Been Outed As Being Fully White?
    2015-08-19 21:59
    King is a high-profile campaigner against “police brutality” and “justice correspondent” for the liberal Daily Kos website who told Rebel magazine in 2012 that he was biracial, with the magazine reporting that he is the “son of a Caucasian mother and an African-American father.” He has also described himself as “mixed with a black family” on Twitter. King has been lionised by the press, praised as ...
    Hackers Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data
    2015-08-19 19:47
    Hackers who stole sensitive customer information from the cheating site appear to have made good on their threat to post the data online. A data dump, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser. The files appear to include account details and log-ins for some 32 ...
    First almost fully-formed human brain grown in lab, researchers claim
    2015-08-19 19:24
    Research team say tiny brain could be used to test drugs and study diseases, but scientific peers urge caution as data on breakthrough kept under wraps An almost fully-formed human brain has been grown in a lab for the first time, claim scientists from Ohio State University. The team behind the feat hope the brain could transform our understanding of neurological ...
    99,580 'Other Than Mexican' Families, Children Apprehended on Southwest Border So Far in FY 2015
    2015-08-19 0:49
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended 99,580 ‘Other Than Mexican’ families and unaccompanied children along the U.S. border with Mexico so far through June of fiscal year 2015 (Oct. 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015). “Other Than Mexican” refers to all illegal aliens apprehended on the border that are from countries other than Mexico. A spokesperson for ...
    Hillary Clinton's tense backstage confrontation with Black Lives Matter activists caught on video
    2015-08-18 23:01
    Hillary Clinton had a tense run-in with members of Massachusetts chapters of the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this month, a newly released video reveals. The three activists, who were initially denied entrance to the August 11 campaign event in New Hampshire, discussed race issues at length and at one point accused Clinton of 'victim blaming' and claimed that there has always ...
    Austrian intelligence says US organizations are funding immigration into Europe
    2015-08-18 22:14
    An anonymous employee from the Austrian Defense Office, which is operated by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense, says that some groups in the USA are paying smugglers to get more African and Middle Eastern immigrants into Europe. “Traffickers demand exorbitant sums to bring refugees to Europe illegally. The conditions are often very poor, but still a transport does currently cost ...
    A Cold Summer for Europe
    2015-08-18 5:18
    Summer reigns all over Europe, from Greece to Sweden. Vacations have emptied the offices, and filled the beaches. Flowers bloom all over, and their fragrance flows like a river. Endless festivals, performances and art compositions embellish the quaint old cities. But things are not as ever before. The old continent is sick. Living is easy, but not for you. Fish ...
    AIPAC striving to hijack the US government: Ex-US Senate candidate
    2015-08-17 22:45
    An intense lobbying effort by pro-Israel advocacy groups to pressure Congress in rejecting the Iran nuclear agreement is the latest attempt by Israel to hijack the United States, a former US Senate candidate says. “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and related pro-Israel organizations will spend approximately $150 million promoting a series of lies on this P5+1 deal with Iran,” ...
    'Cuckservative': the internet's latest Republican insult hits where it hurts
    2015-08-17 21:49
    Editor's comment: Even the mainstream media has to acknowledge the power of the "Cuckservative" meme, but as usual they try to throw a stick into its spokes by not focusing on the true meaning and purpose of why these Republicans are being called "Cuckservative". They call it a "racist" term in an attempt to derail this phenomenon - good luck. ...
    Too White? Sorority Video Slammed For Being “Racially Homogeneous”
    2015-08-17 21:55
    A University of Alabama sorority recruitment video was slammed as being “racially homogenous” and objectifying to women because it features a number of attractive, thin white girls. The video shows a group of mostly white women partying and dancing to promote Alpha Phi, who are based at the Tuscaloosa campus. However, the clip set off a firestorm of criticism, with writer ...
    Transgender people face alarmingly high risk of suicide
    2015-08-17 21:56
    M.C. Lampe couldn't take any more bullying. Not one more homophobic taunt. Not one more classmate refusing to sit at a nearby desk or change clothes within view at gym. So the devastated 9th grader brought a knife to school and vowed: "If someone else says something, I'm done." Someone did say something — and Lampe went to the high school ...
    Mike Judge, Idiocracy and the Jewish Suppression of Eugenics
    2015-08-15 2:39
    One of the rare examples of a Hollywood movie that is genuinely good and actually has a powerful, positive message that touches on an important social issue is the 2006 movie Idiocracy, written and directed by the brilliant satirist Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and King of the Hill fame. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. This ...
    Fake bomb discovered at Swedish Chabad House
    2015-08-14 23:56
    Editor's Comment: I'm sure this fake bomb was planted by your run-of-the-mill Swede. This kind of behaviour is really something part of our culture, oh yeah! Please observe that the Times of Israel is not recognizing that multiculturalism have caused a rise of conflicts in Sweden. Nothing about the rapes of Swedish women, nor the hate crimes about ethnic Swedes. The ...
    Human head transplants: are we close to making them a reality?
    2015-08-14 22:35
    Even if we figure out how to fuse spines and restore connectivity, we still don’t know whether the brain can rewire itself to control a new body, without the body’s immune system attacking it, argues neuroscientist Darren Ó hAilín So when Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero first announced his intention to perform the first ever human “head transplant” by December 2017 – ...
    Lord Janner Finally Appears In Court, Accused of 22 Child Sex Crimes
    2015-08-14 22:09
    United Kingdom — Lord Janner has finally appeared in court to face child sex abuse charges. The former Labour peer appeared for a brief preliminary hearing at Westminster magistrates’ court after his legal team lost an appeal to prevent him from having to attend. The appeal followed repeated efforts by his lawyers to avoid showing up whatsoever. After judges warned he ...
    Census: Record 42.1 million immigrants in U.S., Mexicans drive latest surge
    2015-08-14 0:59
    A new analysis of legal and illegal immigrant counts by the Census Bureau revealed Thursday that there is a record 42.1 million in the United States, an explosion that is being driven by Mexicans flooding across the border. In a report provided to Secrets by the Center for Immigration Studies, the total immigrant population surged 1.7 million since 2014. The growth ...
    Clerk's office defies order; no same-sex marriage licenses
    2015-08-13 23:34
    A gay couple marched into the county clerk's office Thursday, carrying a federal judge's order that said the clerk can't deny them a marriage license based on her deeply held Christian beliefs. Still, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' office turned them away. Davis was among a handful of clerks across the country to cite deeply held religious beliefs in denying gay marriage ...
    Armed Black Panthers March in Texas: 'Off the Pigs'
    2015-08-13 23:53
    In order to avoid a repeat of last weekend’s disturbance where protesters invaded the Sheriff’s Office foyer and engaged in disruptive behavior, Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to request assistance under a regional assistance agreement. Harris County sent in about seventy-five deputies including about ten horse mounted crowd-control deputies and approximately thirty crowd-control ...
    Q: Why Are Sweden's PISA Test Scores Falling? A: Immigration!
    2015-08-13 23:33
    From The Spectator: Immigration helps explain Sweden’s school trouble Gabriel Heller Sahlgren 10 August 2015 17:56 Sweden’s education performance has faltered in the past decades, with scores tumbling in the OECD’s international Pisa survey since the early 2000s. Both the Guardian and the BBC have recently looked into this phenomenon. I’m a fan of the giant international PISA tests, but I’m not a ...
    Race not a concern for the media when a White Girl is brutally attacked by four black men
    2015-08-13 22:56
    Here is a sample of the headlines; From the Independent: Teenager requires surgery after being attacked by cat-calling men for ‘wearing a bikini’ From Huffington Post: Teen Disfigured By Catcaller’s Pipe Attack: “I looked down and saw my teeth in my hand.” From KTBS: Shreveport police make arrest in pipe attack. Can you imagine if the races caught up in this were reversed, four ...
    7 reported dead, over 300 injured, after blast rocks busy Chinese port
    2015-08-12 21:49
    Two blasts shook the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin late on Wednesday. State media has reported that over 300 people have been injured, and at least 7 are dead. People's Daily newspaper claimed that several more remained trapped, as firefighters tried to bring the fire under control. The blast had erupted from a shipment of explosives in a key industrial zone in ...
    African "Asylum Seekers" Arrested For Stabbing In Ikea In Sweden
    2015-08-12 21:50
    Sweden is important because it represents the logical conclusion of anti-Western and anti-White multiculturalism. For all intents and purposes, self-government has been abolished in order to ensure mass immigration continues, regardless of what people think about it. The entire country resembles nothing so much as one giant left wing college campus. And yet, multiculturalism doesn’t even work there. And now we have an ...
    Vice Publishes Pro-Bestiality Article on Their New Feminist Blog Broadly
    2015-08-12 21:46
    Earlier this year, the well-known ultra-hipster magazine and clickbait cesspool Vice launched a new site called Broadly, which is essentially their answer to feminist blogs like Jezebel and Feministing. When the blog was first announced, its publisher Shannon Kelley stated: “If you look at the current landscape of women’s media, it is purely reactionary. Blogs are either reacting to the news, ...
    Why does Freemasonry Openly Support Pope Francis?
    2015-08-12 21:36
    Why does Freemasonry – an organization condemned by the Catholic Church – openly support Pope Francis? In an unprecedented development, for the first time in history, this organization, labelled by previous pontiffs as the “synagogue of Satan”, is openly welcoming and embracing the Roman Catholic Pontiff. A Jubilant Welcome Upon His Election by Freemasons Around the World Pope Francis’ election sparked an almost ...
    Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS
    2015-08-12 20:41
    Judicial Watch has – for many years – obtained sensitive U.S. government documents through freedom of information requests and lawsuits. The government just produced documents to Judicial Watch in response to a freedom of information suit which show that the West has long supported ISIS.   The documents were written by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency on August 12, 2012 … years ...
    Unauthorized Immigrants Take Government Posts, Telemundo Cheers
    2015-08-12 20:25
    If there was ever any doubt about whether unauthorized immigrants take positions away from U.S. citizens, it was just dispelled when the City Council of Huntington Park, California decided to appoint two unauthorized immigrants to serve on two separate city commissions. The tone on Telemundo was celebratory, as the two new city commissioners were featured on the network’s national evening newscast, as ...
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